Sonntag, 21. Januar 2007


Hello all bloggers,

Here is the second blog from David Friedrich (known as seemu or Jitao within chinese friends)

The blog on ( will be devoted to Bundesliga ( Fussball) , music, diaries and so on. So in another word it will become a pure "home" of me on internet.

Meanwhile here will be the "office" site. As the titel implies, to be blogged here is those about "TECH" things- including software developing, Internet data mining and segmatic analysis, digi-products and so on. Since I am now working with bioinformatic, something of it will also be presented here. So in a word, here is rather a collection of what a internet-worm faces everyday, plus a little more about bioinformatics.

The main language used will be English, German(Deutsch) and Chinese. If possible translation to important documentations will be provided.

Any comments or suggestion is EXTREMELY welcomed! Without learning from others will one never become a (WO)MAN, right?

So far, with best greetings to all old and new friends.

Yours David,
21 Jan 2007