Sonntag, 10. Juni 2007

Constructor completion in NetBeans

This problem bothers me a long time, cause it seemed that NetBeans cannot complete (parametered) constructors automatically. When trying to build a new constuctor in this way:

SingleFile sf = new SingleFile ...(1)

and then type a left parentheses SingleFile sf = new SingleFile( , the right one will be automatically completed, leaving no hint for constructor parameters.

SingleFile sf = new SingleFile()

Actually this could be solved. When (1) is typed, press CTRL+SPACE and a tip window appears suggesting all possible constuctors. However this approach comes up with a little trouble in Chinese XP, cause by default CTRL+SPACE will switch IME from and to chinese IME. So right click on language bar, setings->key setting, disable or change the CTRL+SPACE key combination. Then enjoy the ease brought by constructor completion:)