Sonntag, 10. Juni 2007

Goodbye,Truth and Freedom! is banned by Great Fire Wall (GFW), with the same fate of Wikipedia, page cache of google,, freeburner, and a long list of famous websites... It is rumored that the reason is that too many photos about parade and demonstration on June the first in Xiamen have irritated the government and hence they have forbidden several server farms of flickr, with almost one billion chinese internet users facing cool red crosses in every page of flickr.

Ironically, yahoo has not yet taken any obvious action, given that it has cooperated seamlessly with the chinese government with the prove that they have even sold user privacies to chinese goverment leading to prisoning of democracy-callers.

For more details please click here, the related thread on flickr. I was shocked at the first sight and then felt rather lucky, because I am now in Germany and do not suffer from the notorious blockade. A serious question is: Will it be a rational choice to return to China? Rather negative, as it seems now.

The film "Goodbye Lenin" by Wolfgang Becker inspired me from the first second to the last - not only by the subtle motions and canonical words, but also by the struggle between (cruel) truths and (merciful) lies, and more importantly, the love for freedom.

Almost two decades after the falling of the wall have witnessed the flow of freedom and democracy all over the world, but unforturenately, a large block of world citizens are still blocked outside the fence of freedom. They are promised the best democracy in the world and the highest freedom of doing everything, yes, they are promised with one after another lie.

They are called Chinese. They are being (forced) to be submissive and "harmless" by the government which is not out of their own selection. GFW is one of their tools, banning everthing against the willing of the politians. Ridiculous enough is that the chinese goverment even does not admit the existence of such a "GFW", claiming that the chinese internet users have the same freedom as foreign users do. Do they really manage to steal a bell with ears covered?

I have promised in another blog not to talk about chinese politics(if we could call it politics) any more, cause I find it boring and meaningless from time to time. Some words here upon the GFWing of flickr just to memorize a mood which i could not hold myself from: Stay out of China, until change happens.