Freitag, 15. Februar 2008

Back to work

So after a long time when I had to struggle with Yeast Cross Tiling Array as well as DIY cherry-colored RICHMOND thin sausages on that not-so-famous island called England, now I am so happy to be back in Heidelberg to work with my old colleagues. Still in the field of bioinformatics, yet with more contacts with wet lab.

Somehow the work is like water, it can be redirected but never cut off, like the PPI project I am working on now. Actually it started already in the time of EBI, but still in progress. To start with I have to dive into source codes of similar tools first to find out what others have done and how have they solved the problems. Then my own ideas can be validated, improved and then coded. For R/Bioconductor there's such a collection of sources codes where you can play around with: So in the coming hours I gonna read some snippets and seek for new ideas.

Misc: Today I learned another lesson about how to make things EXACT, well, through a mistake. I got a template of master thesis extension and modified most of the contents to fit my situation, but finally I neglected the time in the statement of the supervisor, which is 1 month in my case but 3 months in the template. Though seemingly trivial, I was really upset cause without a double check it seems so easy for me to make such stupid mistakes. It was so annoying that I even found unsafe with my R codes these days, which led me to another nervous reading-through of the codes. Thank God nothing is wrong (so far) . It would have been nice, I guess, if I had made everything double-checked and read-through, before I let it out of my hand. It is responsible for others, but also for myself.

So, have a nice weekend, maybe with .NET, Java, R or PPI data...