Mittwoch, 5. März 2008

Criticized and learned

Today I got criticized from the two appraisers of my thesis, cause the first appraiser war ill and i pushed him under pressure for his signature for my thesis. I knew I felt bad during this bureaucratic procedure, but I have to admit that I did not realize that at the same time I made other people suffer worse. So I believe what they criticized me is fully correct and as my boss said, everything should be well planned and well done LONG BEFORE the "deadline", rather than pushing yourself and other related people under pressure until the last second.

I do believe that I must take the most responsibility during this affair, as the same with the PhD presentation, it seems to me that I am too hasty these days and don't take my steps gradually and steadily. It is definitive not a good idea since it not only damages my image but also stresses other people and makes them unhappy.

Well I have apologized by the two appraisers and ask for their excuses. This is the third time I did things too near the deadline (UK visum, PhD Presentation and this time) and it should be bear in mind that nothing counts more than three. I gonna learn a lot from it (or them).