Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

06.05.09: Busy discussing, not working, mist

Today we had many discussions, about microRNA-involved feed-forward loops, about ecdf/histogram/MoM (method of moment), about statistical power about LIFEdb... Sorry not much work done. Only have a useful version of PostDoc ad, two batches of RT-PCR data (for Geeta and for Practicant). I organized the meeting for LIFEdb next Monday, and discussed with Uli and Ioanna what to do next. Learned to use a new interesting package GenomeGraphs to illustrate Genome graphics with grid package in R.

This is a symbol of recent days, many trivial things, not productive enough. This will be changed. I do not want to have panic since it is clear sometimes you have to deal with trivial things, however it alarms once it becomes too often and common that you feel having done nothing after a day goes to finish.

Now it is the time to save the day: I will read the paper owe to read long time ago. The work begins tomorrow again.