Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009


a) 如果我主动提出帮助别人校读文章,别人请我当co-author,我会接受么?
b) 如果别人主动提出帮助我校读文章,读过后上面的人认为我应该请他来当co-author,我会接受么?
c) 如果我的手下B主动帮另一个手下A校读文章,我认为虽然是A的文章,但既然B主动帮忙,我会让A把B也作为co-author么?

On an another perspective:

a) If I suppose to correct a paper from another, and he invites me to be a co-author. Will I accept the invitation? (Honestly: no)
b) If another person (B) actively ask to correct my paper, and after that my boss asks me to add B as co-author, will I agree? (Yes. Since this is what the Boss said)
c) If a team member, B, asks to correct the paper of A, I think as a manager even if the work is done by A, but since B helps, will I ask A to add B as co-author? (Honestly: no)

Maybe I have to learn more.