Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Arduino Project (on going)

As a young boy, I always fancied to have a room full of mechanic and electronic things of myself: where I can control everything. Well, that was kind of being naive - how could I possibly not dream of programming them?

Now there is a chance to make that dream true - at least partially, since I cannot afford a room devoted - by the Arduino project. With a combination of low-cost, easy-to-use hardware and software, the Arduino project aims to offer an easy way to get on the board of microcontroller programming.

With no background at all in the field, I was simply excited by a few youtube videos (one about high-speed photography, or absolute air drums). When it came to the documentation in the Arduino website, getting started seems to be straight-forward.

Google and Amazon searches suggested there are a few starter kits available, however most of them seem to be sold in US or UK. There have been a few interesting items from Germany (offer from mercateo, or a very interesting one from the Fritzing project for ca 65€). A single piece of the Arduino board costs 25€ from Amazon. I will consider whether it is worth simply "buying-in" or should I buy components separately.

I find the idea of doing something myself with a controller is absolutely cool - especially a way of combing software programming and hand-on practices. I reckon it will not be easy for me without any background; so far it makes fun, however, I will be ready to take the challenge.

P.S. It was a bit funny how I came to know the project: I was trying to repaire the wires of the front light of my bicycle, when it came to my mind that I needed 电焊 - welding in English or Löten in German. As I searched for a Lötkolben-Set and viewed a tutorial teaching how to use one (as seen it used but never got practice), Youtube recommended (based probably on the pattern of DIY) another video of Arduino. It was funny how a plain handicraft task on Sunday in the basement opened a new field:)